Monday, November 12, 2007

Some dogs, a cat and the orange igloo

Well, here is a collection of random photos that we wanted to share but couldn't fill up an entire post by themselves.

Here are Dan and Kim's new Husky pups, Kayuq and Toby. This was the best picture I could get of them together since they are usually wrestling or running. Notice the expert carpentry of the dog house entrance that I cut for Dan with my circular saw.

Here's Laura with our (neighbour's) dog Arcpiq. We took this guy for many walks and Laura is enjoying trying to keep him still. Arcpiq really enjoys bitting Laura's mitts. Unfortunately, Arcpiq has moved to Iqaluit with his owner. He was a great dog!

Even cats need to stay warm in the Arctic!

Kayuq was able to sit still long enough so I could snap this pic. The dogs were fed with seal as pups and smell really bad. Dan and Kim gave them baths so they are smelling much better these days.

This orange igloo was built behind our school. Scarlett, a photographer from Holland, hired some elders to build the igloo and then dyed the blocks orange.

Rememberance Day blizzard

On Rememberance Day, we had a blizzard in Igloolik. The winds were about 100 km/h and we couldn't see across the street because of blowing snow. It was very windy and cold!

We went to Mike's house (RCMP officer) for diner. He gave us a ride home in his truck and we got stuck in a drift. It took about 6 guys 30 minutes to dig it out. When we got home, this is a picture of the shed we jumped from into the snow bank. This was the best picture that turned out because so much snow was blowing!

The morning after. This is the front of our neighbours house. Believe it or not, there is a snowmachine buried beside the shed on the right (left side of picture). It will take Dan some shoveling to get it out.

This was the drift we found behind out house. The day before, the snow was only about a foot high.

Ice fishing in November

Here are a few pics from the ice fishing trip we took on Saturday (November 10th). It was a beautiful day but it took us about an hour to find the lake because everything looks the same. Needless to say, you don't have to ask why there are no pictures of fish posted! We went fishing with two other couples: Dan and Kim (our neighbours) and Jessie and Mike (teacher and an RCMP officer).

Fishing up here is much different than the south. You lie on a caribou skin (or piece of foam insulation) and stare down at your hole. You keep jigging your line and watch the fish come to it. I don't think they actually bite because people just tell you to snag them when they get close.

Laura made sure she stayed warm while she ice fished. She wore her big parka and her dog fur mitts.

It doesn't take long to get a good buildup of snow on your beard up here. We had to chip our holes and the perspiration just clung to every little hair you had exposed.

Laura loved ice fishing. Look at the beautiful smile on her face. She wanted me to add that she did have fun and that she was smiling under her balaclava. She looks forward to venturing out on the land very soon!

Our friends Dan and Kim were excited to bring their new Husky pups on the trip. Kim is holding the male Kayuq and Dan is holding the female Toby. I had to rescue Toby from the ice fishing hole when she fell in butt first. She was cold and Dan had to keep her in his jacket the entire afternoon!