Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Random pics at Christmas

Here are some pics I took at Christmas of family. Sorry I couldn't upload a picture of all of you...the internet in the North is pretty slow sometimes. Hope you enjoy! Hopefully, I'll add more pics if I get the time.

Danno cooking up a feast on the BBQ.

Mom doing her share of the feast. She was defrosting the crab legs while Dan was on the BBQ. Surf and Turf!

My mom's cooking instructor, Memere. After 50 years of cooking, she still enjoys preparing the meal for reveillon. We are looking forward to her baked beans in the summer.

Pepere and Chantal at reveillon.

Kev and Munchkin at the new pad on New Year's Eve. He can thank Laura and I for bringing the chairs to London.

Mel and Isaiah. Mel works in Collingwood with me and we visited them at their home in Wasaga Beach on our way to London.

Elyssa with her favourite ogor, Shrek.

Jamie's birthday

We had a "social gathering" at our house for my birthday.

Here is a picture of Ellen and Jeremy. Ellen is the significant other of Marty (the fish smoking guy) and Jeremy just had a baby boy.

This is our principal Paul. He was "making tracks" at an early hour (check the clock) so we made fun of him until he stayed.

Doesn't Paul look happier staying at the party for longer?

Here is Jeremy's better half, Christy, with the new addition, Alexander. This guy was a monster and should make his dad proud as a football player some day. I believe he is only 6 weeks in this picture but, I also can't even remember what I ate for breakfast so am I to know?

The "piece de resistance". Laura comissioned Marty to make this birthday cake in honour of the Steelers National Championship. I hope Albidone is still checking this page and that is lips are watering up in Thunder Bay. The cake was delicious!!!

Games on the ice

During the return of the sun festival, there were activities planned throughout the week. On Tuesday, there were games on the ice for the kids

Here are Laura and I with one of my students, Sippora. This picture was taken at about 1:30 in the afternoon. We now have sunset at about 3 o'clock.

Here is the 2nd place finisher in the Inukshuk building contest. They had 10 minutes and the highest inukshuk won a prize. The winner was over 16 feet tall.

The folks made the blog. They are anxiously awaiting the winter cold of the North and have purchased new jackets for their adventure. I hope that they are aware that it is still cold in those jackets. We are expecting a blizzard as we speak and it was about -35 today without the wind chill.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Northern Lights

Here are a couple of pictures that I took of the Northern Lights. I am just starting to use my new camera so the quality of the pictures isn't the best yet. These pictures were taken directly behind our house.

It was hard to get a full view of the Lights because they stretched across the whole sky.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ice fishing in the New Year

With the New Year, the energy in town seems to be on the rise. The only thing not on the rise is the mercury inside the thermometers. We had a beautiful day on the ice but the temperature was a chilly -30. As an experiment, we would like everybody to dump a tray of ice cubes down their shorts so they can truly appreciate the sensation of ice fishing in the North.

Our first glimpse of the sun. This was as high as it got and it only stayed for about an hour or so. It's a small amount of time but it is very significant.

Mike, Steve and I took a couple hundred pulls on the auger before we could get it going. There is about 2-3 feet of auger that you can't see. The ice is about 3-4 feet thick right now and the coldest month of the year is coming.

Finally breaking through the ice. There is a lot of mist from the "warm" water hitting the cold air.

Mike and Jamie after a job well done. We were definetely happy to have the power auger because chipping the ice would have taken a long time.

I think Laura is really loving the return of the sun.

Here is Laura and Steve. He's a nurse in town and joined us on our fishing adventure.