Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some randoms from late 2008

Since everyone complained at Christmas that I wasn't updating the blog enough, I though I would throw on some random pics for you to see.

We had a surprise birthday party for Marty in early December. This is a picture of the shot spear....and this is the last time it will ever be used!

World's Biggest Suck.

Some random people from Marty's party.

Dad's steaks from Paesano's. Mom's wimpy filet is in the middle somewhere.

The moon that never seemed to leave the sky in November and December.

And finally, the mustache I wore for a solid two weeks until Laura had enough and I had to shave it. I still think I was the best looking Mexican in Igloolik!

Return of the Sun 2009

Well, I finally found the time to start the blog again. The Sun is back!!! The return of the sun festival is happening this week with some different events each day. Today, we had the afternoon off today so that the kids could go play some games.

They build an igloo village with about 5 or 6 igloos. There are some elders who have been sleeping in them all week. If you want, you could put your name on a list and sleep in one of the igloos overnight.

The typical parking lot at any Arctic Event: snowmachines and qomatiqs.

Lots of people arrived with their traditional caribou skin clothing.

A dog team of puppies was giving kids rides during the afternoon. They were very cute!

Laura and Ellen enjoying some of the festivities. Ellen is the one in black who refuses to expose even 1 inch of skin.

Steve and Laura inside one of the igloos.

This was one of the igloos. It looks like two from the outside but they are joined together. They had a coleman stove heating the inside and it was very warm.

A girl sitting in the igloo beside the qulliq (traditional stove used to heat the igloo).

Laura and I inside the igloo. It was very cold outside but inside it was very nice but not quite warm enough to avoid seeing your breath when you breathe.