Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Parents in Igloolik

My parents had a chance to visit during the Ontario March Break. Here is a small collection of the things they saw while they were here.

A picture of the family in front of the famous "junkyard" shed.

A Walrus head buried in the snow behind our neighbour's house. The tusks are small because it was a female.

Mom bundled up for the cold while she watches Dad and I build an igloo.

My Dad and I drove out to the Floe Edge. It is where the ice usually meets the water. It is also the favourite place for seals, walrus and polar bears. The wind shifted overnight and brought in all of the ice.

Polar bear tracks that we saw at the Floe Edge. A group that went out the week after saw a Mom and her cub.

Mom and Dad posing in front of a Bowhead whale skull that was harvested a few years ago.

Having a big beard=having really big icicles on your moustache!

Dad building an igloo. I took my class and my parents to build igloos with some guides that we hired from town.

Dad and I were in my shop class building traditional Inuit hunting knives with an elder from town, Abraham.

Fishing with $10 bills again. We retrieved these ones from the blue tarp section of the guys yard.

The luxury Igloolik taxi ride. The snowmachine and sled are much more reliable than our local taxi drivers. Dad still insists that the sled needs new "shocks".

Outside of a local hunter's house. He has about 5 seals that he caught. The eyeballs (all missing) are a delicacy and are usually eaten right away.

Here is Mom holding a Narwhale tusk. This ivory tusk is known as the canine tooth of the whale.

Dad at the Floe Edge. Not much scenery unless you like frozen water.

A bunch of us gathered at Maren's house with an elder, Susan, and our vice-principal, Jeela. They made tea on a qulliq (traditional Inuit stove) and told us stories of how life used to be.

My parents had a chance to observe the beautiful Northern Lights while they were here. This is one of the many shots that I took.

Mom is happy after playing her traditional Bone game. You have a bag of bones and you place a string inside and try to retrieve as many bones as possible. I think she had 2 in this picture (Laura had the record with about 15, I think).