Monday, February 25, 2008

Superbowl in Igloolik

I had a bunch of the boys over for Superbowl. We moved some furniture and set up the projector to watch the best game in recent years.

Here is Laura helping me with some of the prep work for the halftime meal. I did all of the work but she insisted and getting her picture taken beside the food.

Here are Laura and Steeler beside the big screen. The picture and clarity of the screen were amazing. Unfortunately, this picture doesn't do it justice.

Laura beside the big screen. I put in a vote to keep the projector set up for some video games but Laura over ruled. I guess I should be happy with my regular 27" TV.

Here are some people enjoying the halftime feast.

Fred (vp at elementary school), Jay (polar bear researcher) and Dan (high school teacher) grabbing some grub at half time. We made Superbowl Enchiladas and Steak Sandwiches. Marty brought over some meatball subs and potato wedges.

Dave has been a teacher at the high school since 1989. Here he is talking with Maren (grade 8 teacher at high school). It was great to have everyone over. I would just like to mention that halftime was the only time the women were allowed in the house. They were next door doing some scrapbooking until halftime when they "invaded" our territory!

Pics around town

I took some random pics outside yesterday because it was sunny (but definetely not warm). We lasted about 10 minutes on the ski-doo because it was so cold. It wouldn't have been as bad if I didn't have to take my hands out of my mitts to take these pictures.

These are a couple of Inukshuks built between the town and the airport. The middle one is about 20-25 feet tall and is the official symbol of Nunavut (it is on the flag).

This is the middle Inukshuk from the previous photo. Inuit traditionally used these as markings for trails. Everything is flat here and there are no trees so it is easy to get lost. On some trails to people's cabins, you see one of these inukskuks (in much smaller scale at about 3 feet tall) about every 50 yards or so.

An old abandonned sailboat located just east of our house. It is on shore but is covered by snow and ice.

This was earlier this week outside of our house. The sun was almost up when we went to school. In about a week, we will enjoy the same amount of daylight as Sault Ste. Marie. We currently have about 8 hours of sunlight.

An old Bombardier snowmobile. Not sure if this is from our town or just visiting. This was the first time we saw it and it was flying around in the fields. Looks very cool!

Return of the Sun Festival

The long winter darkness was not as bad as we thought it would be. Everyday, we had some twilight at noon and it was never completely dark for 24 hours. Annually, there is a festival called Return of the Sun that happens at the beginning of January when the Sun shows its face again (for about 2 minutes then it sets).

The Festival is a big deal in town and a very cultural event.

This is the lighting of the qulliq. It symbolizes the start of the "warm" season again and is the "olympic torch" of these festivals. Traditionally, the qulliq would be the only source of heat in an igloo. The wick would be made with Arctic cotton (a wild plant) and the oil from be scrapped off of seal meat.

The drum dancing competition was very interesting to watch. The gym was full of people and it was very difficult to get a spot close to the action.

This is my favourite picture. There was a red light shinning from the right side of the picture. It makes the drum glow!

This guy was the best dancer. It was a team competition. One person would dance with the drum while the other person would be on stage singing.