Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pictures from the summer

We loaded our camera with our other memory card and found a bunch of pictures from the summer. We thought we would post them to remind us what the sun looks like!

Here is a picture of Dad at the beach. He looks very happy to be going into work on Monday. I guess he could always retire!

This is one of the many beautiful sunsets that we saw while we lived out at camp this summer. It was a beautiful time. It looks like there is just enough sand for the kids to give another wooping to the adults at beach volleyball. Next year, we'll be able to put 2 courts side by side.

We love this picture because it reminds us of a warmer time. It also reminds me what a row of trees looks like! If you look really close, you can see Boudah's boulder. It was a family swimming favourite when we were younger.

Laura loved holding Shannon's little girl, Brooklyn. Brooklyn now has a little sister named Kendra but we didn't have a picture of her on our camera.

Mom is probably still having an upset stomach from looking at her cabinets. Laura and I painted them at camp because she kept complaining how the brown was way too dark. I'm sure she will adjust well to the colour (eventually)!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Inuit carvings

The North is full of great artists who do amazing work. I am going to post a few pictures of the many carvings we have purchased since moving to Igloolik.

Laura's grampa was very excited about her moving to the North. He requested that we try and buy him a polar bear carving with a cub.

Here are the same carvings (at a different angle). They are done by a local artist named Esa. The material used in these carvings is Marble. In the winter, the carvers drive their snowmachines about 8 hours away and harvest the stone from another community.

This is the family of bears that we purchased from Esa. They are also made from Marble and are in different poses. In the real world, the male would not be found anywhere near the mom and her cub.

At Richard and Lee's cabin

We took a drive on the snowmachine to Richard and Lee's cabin. He's a construction worker in town and Lee's father lived up in Igloolik for over 20 years. It wasn't far from town but it was nice to get out.

Here is a picture of us taken from the step of the cabin. There is lots of frozen ice and nothing much else behind us.

Here are Mike (RCMP) and Reagan (temporary RCMP) outside the cabin by the fire. It was very cold and it took a while to get a fire going. Luckily, there was a can of camp fuel that Mike poured all over the wood.

The girls spent most of the time inside by the fire. On the left are Laura and Jessie (teacher). On the right, there is Reagan and Sharon (nurse).

Here is Mike on the ski-doo. He is on the roof of a cabin. The snow drift is pretty high and has all but buried most of the cabin.

Christmas in Igloolik

We hung up our Christmas lights two weekends ago. I don't think we will win any contests but it does help to brighten up the neighbourhood!

On the inside of our place, we strung up some blue lights. In true "Don Kennedy" style, I didn't have a ladder so I improvised and climbed on the cat condo to install them while Laura prayed in the corner.

On the outside, we put some icicle lights on the house and then decorated the shed. You probably noticed the burnt out string of lights. They worked inside but broke when I put them up. We tried to get a replacement bulb but they don't sell them anywhere.

Exact same picture but taken at 2 in the afternoon (top one is taken at about 6). It starts to get dark really fast now. Did I mention we haven't seen the sun in 2 weeks?

Two guys and a smoker

We had the opportunity to smoke some Arctic Char on the weekend. We will both be trying to bring some home on the plane. The early reviews say that we did an excellent job and everone seems to enjoy it.

We smoked three Arctic Char. This is the biggest of the three. I caught this fish using a 10 dollar bill. I would love to say that I caught the fish, but we bought them from a kid at school who has a net under the ice.

This is our friend Marty who is a supply teacher at the school. He is a trained chef and the brains of the operation. He made the brine and did most of the filleting.

Here is the smoker. We picked one of the coldest days to smoke. We had the smoker in my shed, covered in cardboard, with a space heater and it was still freezing. We smoked the fish for about two hours and then finished it in the oven at a low temp. Since the smoking, my shed and snowmobile now smell like ribs!