Monday, June 1, 2009

Baby Shower

Ellen and Marty threw a surprise baby shower for Laura on Sunday. My job was to get Laura out of the house and deliver her to the party. She reluctantly went to the house and was very surprised to see everyone there.

These little kamiks were made by Susan, an elder in town.

This quliq was also made by Susan. She wanted to make us one ever since she came over to our house when Laura's dad was here. Instead of a traditional carved stone, this one is made out of a fry pan that is cut and formed into place.

Caroline, Susan and Mary. Caroline is the SST at the elementary school and has been in Igloolik for 25 years. Mary is a teacher at the high school.

Sitting is Geraldine while Tami, Sibby and Ellen are standing. On the floor are Hillary, Chase (just the head) and Leah.

Mary Kunuk made this baby sack for the future Kennedy.

Ellen and Laura having some fun playing one of the games.

Leah, a grade 4 teacher, playing a game where they had to draw a baby on the top of their head without looking.

A picture of the group at Ellen's house.

The cake that Marty and Ellen made for the party.

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