Sunday, April 26, 2009

Trip to Avvaaja

A couple of people went for a snowmachine ride on Saturday to the hills of Avvaaja. Laura wasn't able to come because she can't handle the bumps on the snowmachine anymore.

Avvaaja is a popular spot. This was a second group of people we saw while we were out there. People go to hunt ptarmigan (like partridge) and gather fresh water ice because our water is so crappy lately.

The boys like to do rainbows on the sides of the hills. The guy waiting to go at the bottom didn't make it and ended up flipping his machine and breaking a windshield and a couple of side panels.

Larissa and Caleb took Maren's dog team all the way to Avvaaja. It took them about 1 hour to get there while it only took about 10-15 minutes on the machines.

Here are some pictures of our buddy Matt taking some jumps on his machine. Unfortunately, I no longer have a machine and had to sell it this week because we are leaving Igloolik at the end of the school year.

Matt jump pic #2

Matt jump pic #3

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