Saturday, May 9, 2009

Class Trip to Avaajja

The grade 7 classes went to Avaajja last week for their annual day on the land. I wanted to include more pictures with the kids but you are not really supposed to publish pictures of students on the web. So, I included some pictures from a far distance.

We hired 6 guides to bring the kids. The kids ride in the qamuti (sled) at the back and are pulled by the snowmachine.

This is the area where we went. You can see our little camp setup with our tent and absolutely nothing else around. Inuit hunters come to this area to shoot ptarmigans, an all white bird that looks a lot like a partridge.

Doing a little ice fishing with Ellen, the other grade 7 teacher.

This is the only place in our area with hills. Kids spent most of the day sliding and snowboarding down the hills. I also took a turn but failed to get any air.

This is where the auger needed to be started. I have a 3 foot auger bit and two 18 inch extensions attached.

This is where the auger finally stopped. Just enough length to get through the ice. I still had another extension but then you need to stand on top of snowmachines to use them.

A kid took a picture of our camp from on top of a hill.

I snuck out about 5 minutes of rest on the snowmachine before I was discovered and ambushed with cameras.

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