Monday, May 18, 2009

Long Weekend BBQ

We organized a group of people to go out to Avaajja for a barbecue on the long weekend. We had planned to go Sunday but we had to postpone because of wind and blowing snow. The weather cleared up on Monday and we took our chance.

Bob, Dan, Simon, Larissa and Thomas. Thomas and Simon's are Larissa's brothers and they are visiting with their Dad for the next week.

Bob and Dan enjoying some BBQ. Bob told us this was the first time he has had BBQ since he came to Igloolik in August.

Maren, Laura, Patricia and Jay enjoyed the BBQ. I think Jay will also enjoy the fact that I took this photo mid-bite.

A photo of most of the group. You can see the firepit I made on the right hand side. I went to the dump and took out the inside of an old dryer and used my drill to make a bunch of holes. I tried to get a washer but couldn't find one.

Ellen, Sarah and Laura watching Marty being a goof and jumping in the hole. I sold the snowmachine but Matt, who is out of town, was very nice and lent us his Arctic Cat 570.

I used the auger to dig a hole in the ice. Unfortunately, it got stuck when it was down 6 feet. So, I had to drive back to town and get a chipper. We chipped a hole beside the auger and eventually it became free.

This is the point where the auger got stuck. There is a 3 foot auger and two 18 inch extensions hidden below the ice.

I really wanted Laura to come out and enjoy the day. She has been stuck inside a lot because of the pregnancy and it was nice to see her outside again. I took special care driving the snowmachine and rarely exceeded 20 km/h.

A picture of our street taken today. It's hard to tell from the picture but it was snowing pretty hard. On the way back, our group split into two separate groups. We were in the first group and made it back quickly. The other group decided to visit an old church near Avaajja and got stuck in some thick snow. They needed to use their GPS because they couldn't see town and were getting lost.

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